Preparing for Autonomous Vehicles: ITS Analysis of Highway Closures

Art Preservation, Culture Preservation, Native communities
Traffic System, Transports




Charles Remkes, John Di Ruggiero, Tim Brown


ITS Bureau (ITS), New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT)

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The State of New Mexico just passed a Memorandum to allow Autonomous Vehicles to pass through the State’s highways, so the ITS bureau of NMDOT wants to plan for whatever support infrastructures, technologies and policies will be needed to support autonomous vehicles in the not-too-distant future.

Guiding vehicles through work areas or detouring them through neighborhoods in case of highway closures is a particularly complicated task, which would become much more complicated in the presence of autonomous vehicles.

The team will have access to historical data about lane closures from police and other agencies, as well as traffic volume data along adjoining routes. The team will match the datasets by time, date and location to identify patterns of behavior during these incidents. These insights will in turn guide the development of a  plan for the installation of new ITS infrastructure to manage these incidents in the future. A longer term plan will address the ITS needs of autonomous vehicles under the same conditions.