Contemporary Indigenous Architecture Exhibit

Art Preservation, Culture Preservation, Native communities




Michaela Shirley, Ted Jojola


Indigenous Design + Planning Institute (UNM)

Project website:


ID+PI is planning an exhibit on Contemporary Pueblo Architecture for 2020. In 2017 a first WPI team began the planning process. This year A WPI team will contribute to the exhibit development. 

The exhibit project team is led by Prof. Ted Jojola, Community & Regional Planning and Director of the Indigenous Design and Planning Institute (iD+Pi), and includes Prof. Eleni Bastéa (Architectural Historian), Lynn Paxson (Prof of Architecture), new designee (Curator of Exhibitions, IPCC), and Felipe Colón (Assistant Professor of Museum Studies, IAIA).

iDPi will work with the Worcester Polytechnic Institute to take these scans and with the assistance of their student team conduct the following activities:  

  • Manage the raw images of the selected buildings
  • Assist in the creation of 3D models of contemporary pueblo architecture for inclusion in the exhibit
  • Create a web interface to the virtual exhibit