Carbon Neutrality at the IAIA

Education, Environment


Alex Deneault, Yingjie Lu, Andrew Shade, Peter Smith


Ben Finberg, James Mason


Center for Lifelong Education (CLE), Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA)

Project website:

In 2010 the IAIA committed to becoming a carbon neutral campus, but since then their carbon emissions have increased. The goal of this project was to help the IAIA move forward on the path towards carbon neutrality. Based on a campus survey and product research and evaluation we identified programs and technologies to help the IAIA make progress towards their goal, by introducing solar power, implementing LED lighting, and improving conservation awareness via metering systems to monitor energy and gas consumption on campus.

This is the current trend based on the IAIA’s (2010) emissions baseline in 2010, and a past IQP team’s baseline in 2013 (Cornachini, McMullen, Milholland, & Nutting, 2014).
As you can see, if the IAIA does does not being to change their carbon emission levels soon, their ultimate goal of carbon neutrality might become impossible. If the IAIA hopes to meet this goal, they need to begin to reduce their carbon emissions by 104 tons each year.