Contemporary Pueblo Architecture Exhibit planning

Culture Preservation, Native communities


Baron Strasburger, MacKenzie Hridel, Cristina DeOliveira, James Meagher


Ted Jojola


Indigenous Design + Planning Institute (UNM)

Project website:

For generations, indigenous communities’ traditions have evolved and it is necessary that the design and planning process of buildings on indigenous lands reflects them. The following report recommends multimedia exhibit designs for the University of New Mexico’s Indigenous Design and Planning Institute, which will showcase the works of contemporary indigenous architecture. We gathered information on the interactive multimedia technologies available through observational studies, as well as collected data on people’s’ preferences of interactives through standardized interviews. To understand exhibit design, we conducted interviews with exhibit designers and visitors. We studied the content of the exhibit, of these objectives led to a well-developed plan for an exhibit that will inform the public and future architects on designing contemporary buildings on indigenous lands.