Drought Irrigation Plan for the Santa Ana Pueblo

Infrastructures, Native communities
City Development


Ryan Gall, Joseph Monasky, Jamie Pierce, Taoning Wang



Project website:

The goal of this project was to assist the Santa Ana Pueblo Water Resources Division in improving the current irrigation system for farmable fields in the Pueblo of Santa Ana, New Mexico, especially in times of drought. Our team assessed the current agricultural system and determined water requirements of the crops. We then devised a method to calculate water flow in the waterways of the irrigation system, and developed a hypothetical rotation schedule for irrigation during periods of water shortage. We then designed a bi-directional communication system to collect field information from farmers as well as provide irrigation data to the community. Finally, we provided several recommendations for the Pueblo in order to successfully implement the improved irrigation system.


1. Assessing the efficiency of the current agricultural system

2. Determining water requirements

3.Creating irrigation sequence and timing

4. implementing a communication system