First/Last Mile

City Development, Traffic System


Alison Earley, Curtis Guimond, Anton Kirschner, Rebekah Socha



Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization (SFMPO)

Project website:

We assisted the Metropolitan Planning Organization of Santa Fe in creating a more user-friendly public transportation system by making the current information available to the public easily understandable and accessible. We compiled a list of specific information on select transportation services in Santa Fe, administered a customer satisfaction survey on the Santa Fe Trails bus systems, designed a schematic route map schedule and a transfer point schedule for Santa Fe Trails, created the beginnings for an interactive public transportation map and started the data collection required for Google Transit for city of Santa Fe. The public transportation network infrastructure in Santa Fe has connections with the potential to increase ridership and interest outside users.

Our mission is to assist the Metropolitan Planning Organization of Santa Fe, NM to promote innovative mobility solutions that connect public and private transportation and encompass all parts of a trip.

To collect and organize information on transportation resources in Santa Fe, NM

To assess the travel demand of Santa Fe Trails
To determine means for improvement of Santa Fe Trails
To integrate information from chosen transportation systems