Improving Irrigation Efficiency for the Santa Ana Pueblo

Infrastructures, Native communities
City Development


Daniel Gonzalez, Russell Hedlund, Meena Khayami, Elizabeth Paulson


Joseph McGinn


Pueblo of Santa Ana (Natural Resources Department)

Project website:

The goal of this project was to assist the Pueblo of Santa Ana Water Division’s efforts to increase irrigation efficiency by proposing an irrigation plan for the new Northern Field, conduct an efficiency study on the three types of irrigation and to design a application to enhance communication between the farmers and the Mayordomo of the Pueblo of Santa Ana.
1. Evaluating the geography northern field and designing alternative layouts for flood, drip, and sprinkler irrigation systems.
2. Analyzing the relative efficiency of flood and alternative irrigation systems for the Northern Field.
3. Estimating the monetary costs to install and maintain each irrigation system designed for the Northern Field.
4. Designing a smartphone/desktop application to enhance coordination for irrigation throughout the Pueblo.