Improving Traffic Safety in the Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Area

Infrastructures, Technology
City Development, Traffic System, Transports


Ray Casola, Richard Downey, Nicholas Nava, Jesse Taylor



Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization (SFMPO)

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The Santa Fe region has experienced automobile crash rates consistently higher than state and national averages.  To alleviate this problem, traffic data from the last six years was organized and then analyzed to produce a list of the top twenty-five most hazardous intersections in the Santa Fe metropolitan planning area.  Each of these intersections was further analyzed to identify crash patterns, and then a final list of safety countermeasures was recommended to the city to improve traffic safety.
The goal of this project is to improve traffic safety in the Santa Fe metropolitan planning area.

1. To organize traffic safety data
2. To identify the most hazardous locations
3. To identify crash patterns
4. To determine appropriate safety improvements