Intersection Lighting

Infrastructures, Technology
City Development, Traffic System


Carl Curran, Mari Freitas, Mark Johnston, Christopher Pryor



Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization (SFMPO)

Project website:

In recent years, the city of Santa Fe has started taking initiatives towards greater sustainability and increased energy efficiency, and is currently interested in upgrading its street lighting to more efficient and longer lasting light emitting diode (LED) technology. This report presents an analysis of the city’s lighting at its signaled intersections, which ultimately produced the 22 intersections that the team recommends to retrofit with LED lighting.  A cost analysis of this project, which includes energy, maintenance, and fixture costs, showed that the break-even point for this project would occur sometime in the 15th year if Federal funding was not available. The report also presents an analysis of street lighting along selected sections of roadways within the City, and recommendations for upgrading the lights along those sections of road.

The goal of this project is to present the city of Santa Fe with an analysis of its signaled intersections, and propose a plan to the City to replace current HPS streetlights with LED lights to reduce the total cost of ownership and maintain safe light levels.


1.  Gather relevant physical data for all signaled intersections in the city of Santa Fe

2.  Model and optimize lighting using AutoCAD and AGi32 lighting software

3.  Present the City with recommendations on which streetlights to retrofit based on lighting guidelines