Santa Fe Indian School – BroadBand service in tribal communities (baseline and plan)

Education, Infrastructures, Native communities
City Development


Ben Dringoli, Rhiannon Goddard, Kevin Specht, Tiffany Vo


Kimball Sekaquaptewa


Santa Fe Indian School (SFIS)

Project website:

The Pueblo people have existed in the southwestern United States for millennia. Today, the Santa Fe Indian School provides secondary education to children from the 19 remaining communities in the New Mexico area. Our group worked with Kimball Sekaquaptewa, their IT coordinator, to try to advance the Pueblo broadband upgrade process by assessing rural internet availability in the area and exploring ways of encouraging its effective use among Pueblo populations. We collected data about the current state of internet use by conducting interviews, surveys, and speed tests. These were used to create a baseline dataset for further tests to build upon as well as a number of infographics designed to inform various native constituencies about the quality of their internet access, and to outline opportunities that improved internet connections could provide.