Native Farmers’ Almanac

Culture Preservation, Native communities
Apps & tools


Peter Dowling, Kate Roosa, Jeffrey Quinn, Adam Morin


Jacquelyn Gutierrez


Center for Lifelong Education (CLE), Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA)

Project website:

We created a relevant Native Farmers’ Almanac website to be used by the native communities of northern New Mexico to pass down traditional farming knowledge to the younger generations. In contrast to The Old Farmers’ Almanac, which contains non-specific farming information, our online Native Farmers’ Almanac houses farming information culturally and geographically unique to New Mexico. We also designed a partnering mobile application (Alman-app) in order to enhance the communication between farmers and educate many young farmers.
The mission of this project is to develop a culturally and geographically relevant Native Farmers’ Almanac and Mobile App to facilitate in the education of students and local farmers. We will accomplish this goal by completing these three objectives:
  1. Developing a web-based Native Farmers’ Almanac for users to contribute and receive localized farming information.
  2. Designing a mock-up mobile application (Alman-app).
  3. Exploring ways to promote Native Farmers’ Almanac tools in CLE’s curriculum and the greater Santa Fe community.