Planning Tools for Santo Domingo Pueblo

Native communities, Technology
City Development


Tanner Burke, David Kelly, Erika Kollitz, Trevor Shaw


Joseph Kunkel, Rachel Henderson, Sheri Bozic


Pueblo of Santo Domingo (Tribal Housing Authority)

Project website:

This project focused on developing tools to help the Santo Domingo Pueblo’s rehabilitation efforts inside the culturally vital Historical Village. The Santo Domingo Tribal Housing Authority (SDTHA) is in the process of creating and implementing a five year housing renovation plan to improve some of the substandard homes. Our team was provided with the data of building surveys taken in the past year, and using that, we created and organized multiple GIS maps showcasing the condition of all the surveyed buildings in the Village for use in presenting the need for renovations to the Tribal Council. In addition, we digitally modeled the entire Village and 3D printed portions of it to use in a topographical model at SDTHA for presentation purposes. Finally, we created a visual rubric to more consistently evaluate buildings in future surveys, a point and weighting system to assess which homes are most in need of rehabilitation, and example five year plans that demonstrate these systems.