Santa Ana Pueblo – Composting and Mulching plan

Native communities
City Development


Daniel Beckwith, Sierra Fowler, Anna Schab


Nathan Schroeder


Pueblo of Santa Ana (Natural Resources Department)

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The cottonwood woodland, or bosque, of the Pueblo of Santa Ana has experienced a steady die-off over the past ten years. This has produced wood waste in such excess that the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has decided to launch a composting project to reuse the waste and generate revenue streams to fund ecosystem rehabilitation. The DNR is looking to partner with a variety of organizations within the Pueblo of Santa Ana to encourage the exchange of waste for the compost as well as locating a composting site and determining customers. Financial analysis will also be considered by the DNR as they have applied for a CFRP, or Collaborative Forest Restoration Program, grant that would allow them to finalize equipment, labor, and transportation costs. Our team investigated possible composting plans for the Pueblo of Santa and from January to May of 2016. We studied the Pueblo’s history, environmental challenges, potential partners, and possible collaborators, as well as how to build a municipal composting plan. Our final report includes recommends for the DNR on composting materials, methods, sites and a financial plan.