Santa Fe Trails Ridership Expansion

Infrastructures, Technology
City Development, Traffic System, Transports


Kwok-Chung Chong, Kai Brevig, Brian Strobel, Yuchen Zhang


Jon Bulthuis


Santa Fe Trails

Project website:

This project evaluated different methods that aimed to increase the ridership of the Santa Fe Trails public transportation system in Santa Fe, NM. Through the analysis of surveys given to both bus riders and non-riders, various improvements to the system were decided. To provide users with more information while riding the bus and waiting at  bus stops, we designed improved signage as well as a web application for smartphone users. To provide residents and visitors of Santa Fe access to Google’s public transportation trip planning, an Excel spreadsheet was created to generate the necessary files for Google. Finally, we proposed the addition of a new system that would extend the services of the Santa Fe Trails to the unserviced east of Santa Fe city. These solutions were well received by the Santa Fe Trails and have a high chance of being implemented in the near future.

    To increase the efficiency and use of the Santa Fe Trails public transportation services.
  1. To characterize trasnsportation in Santa Fe, NM
  2. To design a feeder system to the Santa Fe Trails
  3. To improve rider tools