Santo Domingo Pueblo — energy sovereignty and cultural identity

Native communities, Technology


Kyle Fitzgerald, Matthew Houghton, Adam Huber, Jerry Li


Mona Angel, Rachel Henderson


Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA), Pueblo of Santo Domingo (Tribal Housing Authority)

Project website:

Renewable energy has become a major business as people look to protect the environment and lower their monthly energy bill. Of the major renewable energy sources available to different communities, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems offer relatively inexpensive green energy and are applicable anywhere with an abundance of sunlight. Our team has worked to explore the different opportunities that utilize solar PV and how they can benefit a community.The community that our team worked with throughout our 7 weeks in Santa Fe was the Santo Domingo Pueblo. We supplied the Santo Domingo Housing Authority with 4 reports to highlight potential solar PV options available in their new housing development. Throughout our website information is given on Santo Domingo, the new development, and our findings through our research on solar PV options.