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Kunal Chawla, Nikole Connor, Michael De Anda, Julia Krebs



Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization (SFMPO)

Project website:

This Interactive Qualifying Project worked to assess the multi-use trails within Santa Fe and facilitate the accessibility and use of these trails. The team evaluated and assessed five trails within the city’s trail system. Four interactive maps were developed to display various collected data and observations. These maps depict bollard inventory, bikeways and trails, a segmented analysis of the trails and amenities. The maps were developed to assist the city and trail users in knowing the current trail conditions, while promoting trail use by displaying the user-friendly amenities. A website was created as an access source for all the assets developed during this project. Ownership of this website was given to the Metropolitan Planning Organization for advertising and updating. Concurrently, we developed a mockup of a Smartphone application that has the potential to help both Santa Fe citizens and tourists navigate the city’s multi-use trail system.
The purpose of this project is to facilitate the accessibility and use of multi-use trails in Santa Fe while promoting social interaction among trail users.


1. To assess currently existing multi-use trails

2. To promote accessibility and use of multi-use trails

3. To facilitate social interaction on multi-use trails